The Sound of Wedding Bells

I'm sure you thought I was announcing an engagement of some kind...lol...No not for now...lol

Anyway, The day is fast approaching...Stella is getting married on Sunday and I'm soooo excited. Can't say it enough I LOVE WEDDINGS...

Last Sunday I found myself at the bride-to-be's house with a few fellow Bridesmaids. Our assignment? Filling favor boxes with candy, tying them with ribbon and working on place cards...ugh..sounds mundane right? but it was quite fun...Gisting, Eating Pizza (& Chicken) and just having a good old time. but of course that's not the point of today's Blog...lol.


Talking of weddings...Yep..there's been a lot of talk of weddings...and engagements and yep....Babies (don't ask me how..lmao). Here's what I've been going through.

At the start of the summer I attended the wedding of a friends sister...it was a cross cultural wedding (Nigeria & Ghana) and the food was Delicious!!

Two weeks ago my childhood friend tied the knot with her beau...looking at the pics on facebook it hit me...WE'RE ALL GROWING UP!!!.... who'd have thunk it. It's almost like yesterday we were hanging out talking about boys and middle/high school..and now she's getting married. WOW!

A week ago I attended another friends Engagement party...It was quite...uhmm..interesting...lol.
I had fun though..lol

And of course the all summer preparations of Stella's upcoming nuptials.
We've discussed everything from dresses, to flowers..to NAIL POLISH COLOR!!!
When planning a wedding there are soo many things you have to consider...Colors, theme, locations, Food, Aso-Ebi....*Breaks out into sweat*

My conclusion of it all...
I want to be an Event Planner...but Weddings....smh...Not for a while ;-)

Will be back with pics of the wedding next week.

Til then...