Colorado Dreams

It's been a minute so lets get rig back to it....

Last month, apart from taking final exams, I travelled to the far off land of colorado for the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS) Conference. The experience was enlightening.  So far, majority of conferences I have attended (SFN, ABRCMS, HBCU_UP etc)  have been large scaled. At times, I found them a bit overwhelming but I was always able to have a great time. IBNS on the other hand assumed a position on the opposite side of this spectrum. I think the conference averaged about 200 people this year... it probably would have been more had a certain volcano NOT erupted...but I digress...

The trip started out with a 3.5 hr flight to Denver and a 3.23 hour (Yes I kept count) shuttle ride up the mountains to the Sheraton SteamBoat Springs Resort. I definitely could have flown in closer but Im glad I didn't...The scenery was so beautiful, I could have stayed in the shuttle for a lot longer. That is if I had a bathroom and more food.  
Anyway, the week (YES. The conference was a whole week!) was spent attending presentations, workshops and luncheons. We cracked jokes that only neuroscientist could ever understand, enjoyed a glass of wine at the poster presentations and socials and did just about everything your supposed to do at a conference, Network, Work, and have fun!

Here are a few pics from the perspective of my phone and Fujifilm...

Tiny town going up the mountain

Mountains and valleys...lol

The colors remind me of s certain flag..

Outside my banquet to the right...

Outside my window looking down!
Outside my window to the Left...Ski resort!
Student Social night at a Pub

A Ph.d student from Japan (fyi he is a break dancer) 

Country Dancing class... getting ready for the banquet.

Banquet night with Tavi.
More banquet night!!

On my way to DIA


See the Meanders...reminds me of Geography class in Naija

Snow caps

Busy streets

Commercial worthy!
The weekend is almost here...Yay!
Tons of projects this summer...Yay.
ANd I am still yet to milk a cow...
 *Wipes Sweat*

Anyway, ENJOY!!



  1. Scenery looks lovely. Neuroscientist eh? Sounds really serious and boring. Just messing with you! I am glad you had a good time at your conference.

  2. iWanna go for a conference, too! --- Not for a Neuroscience one. Thank you. *yawn*


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