Sudden Death Ribs?!

A few weeks ago, Memorial day to be exact, I went down to Montgomery County to spend the Day. Though nothing was planned we were determined to get out of the house. At first, we thought of going to DC but my growling stomach said otherwise. It's memorial day so of course the only food on my mind was anything grilled. I think I would try Grilled Frog if it were the only option.  The one place we thought would serve grilled food close by was Old country buffet but one look inside and we ran for the Hills. The place smelt terrible and the food looked like crap. NEVER AGAIN!!
My ribs!!
We eventually decided on ribs but finding a place that offered beef ribs was a challenge on it's own. Thank goodness for smart phones. I think we called about 15 restaurants, but we finally found one out in Rockville. Our tray of food held A big plate of ribs, macaroni & cheese, potato salad and cole slaw *Salivating*.
what struck me about the restaurant was that everything was plated and served in under 8mins, which is their guarantee or its free!!!. Also, The ribs were cooked so tender that the meat fell of the bone. I won't lie they were delicious but of course...Thats Not Why I'm Writing Today. 

On the table were a collection of Barbecue and Hot Sauces that I had NEVER EVER SEEN in my life.  Across the table were another group of customers battling it out with who can last the longest. These sauces did not display your average labels like  "Texas pete" "Tabasco" or "Craft". They had crazy titles like

"Not your Mama's BBQ sauce"
"Hotter than Fire"
"Bone Sucking Sauce"

Some of the sauces lived up to theirs name but others either tasted funny or just weren't spicy at all.

Here are my two favorite Sauces:

Sudden Death!!!
This is Hilarious, no?

I was scared to try it after reading the label

I did not follow directions *Holds Mouth*

But it was worth it!!! 

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