Knotted Girl/Turbanize

This Story starts on a very rainy, very gray Sunday morning.
Too dark..let's try again... :-)
There I was up early for church. I had my sunday dress picked and hanging on the back of my closet door. All I needed was a shower, primp and some heels but one look out the window told me other wise. Long story short my dress went back from whence it came and I pulled out a pair of pants...
I needed something to jazz up my look. I had a long pashmini scarf I thought of tying/draping around my neck but it looked so FALL-ish.. then I remembered a HeadWrap tutorial on Youtube that I wanted to try.
The end result was my rendition of the Wrap "Knotted Girl", Although I dont know if that's what I should call it. I wanted to call it the Turbanizer but the look was way more girly than such a name would suggest.  I really should do a tutorial but I'll save that for when I have perfected it i.e when I can do it in under 45 secs. Maybe by the week's end *Hopeful grin*
It was cute all the same I and trust that I will be wearing them more often on rainy days to come ;-)

Hope your having a great week all?!
Let me know What you think...

Me and my 3 other sisters ;-)

Mean girl cute face *Shrug*

The prettier the scarf...the better the knot!

Looking out the window....Obviously


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