All I Want for Christmas '11

Hey Bloggers..
Today I'm keeping things short and sweet *Trying*
Christmas is upon us and once again I bring to you my annual wish-list...
I wonder if anyone will notice that it's much shorter than previous years... and far less random...
My theme for the year was/is functionality...
Feel free to send these items for gifting and/or review :-)

1.Apart from one other thing.... This Baby tops the list.
Note: It doesnt have ot be this exact camera but I have heard its a really good one for starters.

Canon - EOS Digital Rebel T3 12.2-mp Digital SLR Camera

2. I dont care what anyone says.. I absolutely love these boots.
Pure italian leather, classic look...Who could go wrong with an investment like this :-)
The Leather Archive Boot from Madewell.com
Color: English Saddle
(size 9)
3. I Love books... but carrying one around has not been the easiest so why not get an e-reader. 
Why not get one that also has internet capabilities..?
And NO....This is not an Ipad substitute.. it is an E-reader!!!
Kindle Fire
And I think Thats all I want this year....

I think!!

Yes this is the season for giving but also remember to give to those less fortunate than yourself...
Find a local charity or goodwill to donate money, clothing or TIME.. Show some you care :-)
Will be listing charities as an update!!



  1. Lovely and compassionate post.

  2. SHOCKER!!! Only 3 things on the list...


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