For the Love of PRINGLES!!!

Terrific Tuesday Bloggers,
My, do I have an update for you....
Are you ready?!
Ok..well..unfortunately it won't be ready til Wed...sorry  #BlameSchool

Anyway, to keep things light and airy.. I want to talk about something I love...
If you guessed what it is then Congratulations.. You can read! :-)
Originally, I bought the snack for a friend. Unfortunately, I snuck a few when he wasn't looking *Looks away shamefully*.  I told myself "no more" but throughout the weekend I found myself sneaking to the cupboard. One chip became another and eventually I had little piles of pringles in napkins by the bed. It doesn't help that it's a SUPERSTACK PACK. Finally I got myself together and said "NO"...

It was 5am and I was working on procrastinated HW when my stomach grumbled. The grumbles took on a voice. That voice said one thing, PAAARINGGALS... or in english, PRINGLES...

Throwing caution to the wind, I leapt with careless abandon to the kitchen and Commandeered the can...

Long story short.... I'm Hooked!

Love undisputed....til i cut my gum or something... lol
P.S. Today is my 2 year anniversary as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. !! Happy AKAversary to me and all 81 of my LS's XOXOX

Service To All Mankind
Two years down...A lifetime to go...

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  1. Hahahahahaha Yeah right,your stomach revealed it wanted pringles.I've got one word for you dear, ADDITION! LOL


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