Valentine's and Lemongrass...Oh My!

Two days ago...
Love was in the air,
People were wearing red and 
Florists around the country were having the best business day ever...
Yep... It was Valentine's Day!!

I can't tell you how much I love this holiday (Dating or not), and the things that go with it. It's the one day a year OFFICIALLY dedicated to going above and beyond to express the romantic feeling's you have for someone. 

Sidenote: I believe love should be shared 365days/yr. 

Before I continue with this post let me set somethings out.
I love Valentine's Day.
I love to Eat Out. 
But, I DON'T love the two together.

I've learned to skip the Valentine's dinner for 3 maddening reasons:

1. City restaurants either don't take reservations that night or you have to book at least a month in advance. Seeing as how it's almost impossible for me to decide where I would like to eat more than two weeks in advanced reservations are not really an option.

2. Without reservations, there is the daunting task of actually getting a table at a nice establishment. You're talking about AT LEAST a 3-4hr wait for a table at an above average place eg Cheesecake Factory. God Forbid I Have To Do Such A Thing...lol 

3. Even if your lucky enough to have reservations or get a table (after an hour long wait) the food, the service or a combination of the two, ends up being craptastic because the restaurant is packed , the kitchen is backed up or they found away to fit in 20 tables when clearly the building was designed for 15.  We are talking, elbow wars with the couple on either side of you.

No. Unless he made the plans WELL in advanced, I would prefer other things... maybe a special made dinner and a romantic movie. Another solution, valentine's lunch or dinner the night before. 

Now that this is out of the way... Back to the REAL post (Guilty Smile):

I decided to go with the double play, Valentine's lunch... the day before. We decided on the city and the time but WHERE & WHAT to eat was the big ticket question. Mr.Beaux asked for the restaurant of choice and two hours to the fact, I still did not know where I wanted to go. Finally, as travel time approached I realized I was in the mood for Thai. So where were we setting out to?....LEMONGRASS!!... I had the pleasure of dining there before (1.5 years ago for a friends Birthday) so I knew the food was good *Insert Stomach Growl Here*. Yep, this was where I wanted to go. After setting the GPS, we started the journey. We arrived at our destination in a little under 30mins, found a choice parking spot and hopped out the car. 
As we approached the door, though the windows were very tinted, I could see the inside was dimly lit... 
"Ohhh candle light" I thought... they are pulling out the stops and it's not even 4pm... 
Mr.Beaux, the obvious gentleman side stepped and opened the restaurant door. I took one step in and my jaw dropped *Insert loud thud*.
No. People did not jump out and shout surprise... The place was a ghost town...
Not only were there NO people in the restaurant. There were NO chairs, NO tables, or any type of furniture. I didn't even see a light (it was the sun shining in from a back window that gave the place its soft and haunting glow. 

Mr. Beaux, two steps behind me took a step in *Insert Gasp*.  I was speechless for about 5secs and even after finding my voice, my vocabulary was limited to "O.M.G."
For fear of being seen or ambushed by a squating vagabond I rushed to the car. Mr.Beaux just shook his head.  In the safety of the car, I finally let out a whooping laugh. I begged him not to tell anyone..even though I knew I'd be writing about it sooner or later. It was the most surprising, funny and embarassing experience of the year and were still only in the 1st quarter.  LOL

Mr.Beaux turned to me and asked "Now what?" and after brief deliberation, we ended up having lovely Mediterranean lunch near the harbor... 

Perfect ending but...

What a day!!

P.S. The Official Valentine's Day was wonderful too...  
Dedicating this post to Mr. Beaux...

Can't Wait till next year...


Oasis of Creativity


For some odd reason I'm sitting (and blogging) in the dark.
No. There was not a freak snow storm that rendered the town powerless.
No. I did not forget to pay my BGE/NEPA bill.
And NO... I am not a victim of cheap light bulbs. 

I took a nap earlier and by the [mostly explainable] laws of nature...The sun set... and I just don't want to turn the light on. It's not a matter of laziness either. I honestly, don't want to stand up and flip the tiny white switch.
For some reason, I just feel really good about this. 
This is what I am experiencing...

The sun has set. No longer can I see my shadow stretched across the bed. The only light in the room is my laptop and as it casts a soft glow on me and my fast typing fingers I can, just barely, make out the silhouette of the TV, Dresser and my, ever present, overflowing box of clothes.  Except for the voice of WizKid and Mr. Incredible Serenading me through the speakers of the Mac, the house is still. As I type and listen....I am at peace. Just where I want to be. Why soil the moment by turning on the light,  jarring me out of the oasis of creativity... Why do that?

I'm going to keep working like this for a while... In the meantime ...Here are a few tracks from my current playlist... (reorganized as I love to do) lol
Click on the track title to listen/Watch the videos... 

1. WizKid - Tease ME 
                 - Holla at ya Boy

3. M.I.         - One Naira
                    - Number One ft Flavour

5. Sam Klef  - NONI
                     - Laba Laba ft Skales 

7. Bruno Mars - Grenade

8. Pink           - Perfect 

9. C. Brown  - Yeah 3x

10. Robyn     - Hang W/ Me