What to Watch: Blackberry Babes 1,2 (Review)

Happy Rainy Day Everyone!!!

Today is the start of a new writing segment I like to call "What to Watch".  Here, I will be keeping you up to speed on both Nollywood and Hollywood Movies. Don't Worry, I hate spoilers just as much as the next girl, so I will warn you WAY in advance if there are any in my future posts.

I was on twitter the other day and I couldn't help but notice that a number of my nigerian tweeters kept talking about the blackberry craze in nigeria. I had to agree with a few of these tweets because I am constantly receiving fb messages and texts from friends here and a abroad,  asking for my BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Pin. All these messages are politely (but flatly) replied with a "Sorry, I don't own a Blackberry". You must be shocked, but it's true. I, Mikki Ayorinde, do not own a Blackberry. I don't think I would ever want one either, but I'm curious to know, what the big deal is in owning one.

That being said, I bring you the Nollywood Movie review for the Month:

Title: BlackBerry Babes 1 & 2
Starring: Oge Okoye, Tonto Dikeh, Mary Remmy, Muna Obikwe, Annie Macaulay, Eniola Badmus and more..
Produced by: Simony Productions

Glimpse Into the Movie
In the first half of the movie we meet Vivian (Tonto Dikeh), a University Big girl. In her hand, she holds FOUR Blackberry phones. As she Checks herself in a random mirror, she is approached by a suitor (Muna Obiekwe) who tries his best swag to have her attention. In three swift moves, Vivian shuts him down, gives a role call of every Blackberry phone she has in her possession and instructs the poor guy that if he wants her time he must first get her the Blackberry 4 (????)

For the rest of movie and well into part 2, we follow Vivian and her clique of Blackberry totting babes around the town in their quest for money, acceptance and THE LATEST Blackberry phones. What won't these babes do? Break up with a boyfriend, sleep around, STEAL... You would be surprised.

Packed with plenty of one-liners, "BBB" had me laughing more than I thought I would. Comedic relief was definitely found in Kiesha's "Wanna-be-Cousin" Apollonia (Eniola Badmus) and Damisa's Enugu Lover Emeka "The me le le". Mary Remy also stole a few laughs with her Blackberry desperation.

I have to say, there were a few scenes (and characters) the film could have forgone, e.g. the creepy professor from part one. The guy was just odd, and unfunny, for no reason. The flashback of the married couple (part 2) was also an unnecessary and unrealistic scene. The videography needed a little tweaking as well. The close-up of the phones hurt my eyes trying to read the BBM conversation between the characters in the classroom scene.

The Cast
What carried the movie in it's hilarity were the supporting actors and side stories. Although Nollywood veterans,  Tonto Dikeh (Vivian) and Oge Okoye (Damisa) were the obvious headliners of the movie, Mary Remy (Keisha) Definitely held her own with her multi-dimensional acting. That is not to say the others weren't good but Mary definitely impressed me. Apart from being a scam artist and a Lover I'm yet to understand Muna Obiekwe's importance in the film.

Over ALL"BB Babes" is sprinkled with the usual recipe of Nollywood comedy- Heavy Igbo accents, Home-made grammar, Over the top wardrobe and Exaggerated emotional outbursts. These and many other ingredients that only West Africans would really understand, blended together and just made the movie work for me.
I loved it and will be waiting for the conclusion of the series...

Below is a link to "BlackBerry Babes (part 1 & 2) Watch and Enjoy!!

Blackberry Babes 1

Blackberry Babes 2


I am a stickler for detail so I had to add this section:

Did You Notice?
Is it just me or did anyone notice:
1. When the girls asked the professor to strip, the guy wore boxers on top of his briefs? why do you think that is?

2. Emeka (the me le le ) (I can't get tired of saying that..lol) Had the same black T-shirt for every scene? do you think it was the same t-shirt for the entire film?

3. Apollonia's weave looked better than most of the girls in the movie? and she was supposedly lower in class (for the movie).

4. The car Annie Macaulay drove in part 2 had a flat tire? And she still drove it....WOW!

5.  Every scene showing Vivian (Tonto) at home, she was in pajama's and hair rollers? After the third time it started annoying me...Ugh! lol

OK I'll stop here...
Have a Wonderful end of the week!!




New York: shhh...It Does Exist!

Last week I started my Spring break with some HEAT...
No, I did not lay on a beach in Cancun…
Nor drink mimosas on a hotel balcony in Florida. 

Curious to know what I did?
Well, I BAKED...Red Velvet Cupcakes to be exact. They are my FAVORITE (FYI: for anyone that wants to surprise me with them in the future). 
But as usual, that's not why I'm writing… 

Last week was my spring break and to round it up... I took a day trip to New York. Of course, I was going to get some shopping done but I also got to see my best friend Muyiwa (Who resides in Jersey). MY preferred mode of transportation is a Luxury car with soft drinks, snacks and a seasoned chauffeur. MY WALLET'S preferred mode of transportation is the MEGABUS, so there I was, at 5:30am, freezing my butt off waiting for it.
After living in Nigeria for +4years, followed by not having a car for the following 2yrs, I was accustomed to the perks and NON-perks of public transportation.  With that, I packed snacks, a novel, my Ipod AND hand sanitizer.  As a Passenger, I had the opportunity to view the passing world from a more whimsical point of view but after waking up at 3am and polishing off the rest of my yogurt, Orun mu mi lo, or in English, sleep carried me. As I slept, dreaming of all the stores I would give my hard earned money to, I neither heard nor felt the bus zoom through Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  I think I have one heck of an internal clock, because I awoke exactly 5mins before the bus reached my destination. Quickly, I stumbled to the bathroom to reconstruct my face. Of course I did not want to look like I had just been sleeping on a bus, I was in New York for crying out loud, home of the rudest, richest and most important people in the world (So I hear…) 

As I touched up my make-up, visions of being DISCOVERED danced in my head. I don't want to be a model, but I have always had this fantasy of walking down the street and finding a duffel bag full of money or being stopped by a model scout. I could be the next Covergirl *Looking off into the window*. 
Anyway... back to the topic.

I arrived in New York, Safe and sound, popped into Starbucks for a Chai tea latte and headed on my way for the nearest store. With all the offers for help from creepy looking men, I obviously looked like a lost tourist, AND I WAS! My GPS aka phone took me 2 blocks off my destination.  I'm sure your thinking "Ohh two blocks is nothing, Ole ni e, your a lazy person", but you have to understand two blocks in NY is the exaggerated equivalent of 6 blocks in Maryland. If not for the Starbucks who knows what would have happened, but I thank God.  
Lost in New York and in my own world, I stumbled upon an "open secret". Right on the corner of "I can't remember the name" St. stood a building. I gasped in shock, Chineke (sorry No translation)...

There before me stood a place I only heard of from the mouths of others. A historic place in it's own right.  Three minutes passed and I was still rooted on the spot. Pedestrians, speed by in blur of color. I knew I was in the way but I couldn't move... there before me stood...

I am so thankful that I did not spot the place, while crossing the street because surely, I would not have moved...

I always talked of coming to New York to visit the museum but never really went through with plans for one reason or the other and there it stood before me. I always though it would be some weird building tucked away in a far less visited location, or surrounded by other museums like in D.C. but no, It was on a busy street corner with people walking by as if the place were invisible. Maybe they knew it existed but it was a taboo to acknowledge it.  So many thoughts raced in my head but the one most prominent was of all the "things" inside. I dare not approach. If I couldn’t actually go inside then there was not a single point in teasing myself [no pun pls] by crossing the street and looking into the window. I quickly snapped a picture with my phone and hurried off as if nothing had happened.
An hour or so later I met up with Muyiwa and spent the rest of the day shopping and catching up. However, in all our carrying on there was a thought that would not go away...
"WOW...Guys...IT Exists...It really does..."
Trust and believe that I will be making a trip to New York this summer and I will be taking that big step across the street into the Museum of... "Shhh"

I wonder who wants to come with me?


Have a Safe and Blessed Week Bloggers!


They are Here!!!!

Part 3 is Here...
I know you're excited and anxious to see what I look like now but
The only way you can do that is by pressing play on this video ;-)


It's bitter sweet  but I know this is the start of a long journey...


Please fell free to leave questions and comments on the post!
Have a beautiful Weekend!


As The Day Draws Near...

Happy Sunday Guys and Gals!!!

Today is March 13th, 2011 and tomorrow is March 14th, 2011.
Why am I so concerned with the dates? Well the latter date is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Im turning 23... According to mom I am now Iya agba, or in english...An Old Woman.  I don't feel old, but I feel OLDER. It's a weird feeling *Crazy laugh* I think I'm being a little dramatic but hey...it's my day I can do what I want! Right?!
Anyway...here is the Promised Part II video.
Pls Enjoy and leave comments...

Happy Birthday to All The MARCH BABIES (old and New)!!!


Something New: Special Announcement







Wine for ME!!!

Hi Everyone, Hope you enjoyed your weekend?!
The Academy Awards were on but...I didn't watch... I prefer to catch the highlights and read the various posts-ups the next morning, but thats not why I'm writing...

Little Favors
A weekend (or two) ago NEEF and I threw a Wine Tasting. We talked about having an event like this for months and finally said: "What the hey...Let's Do It"  (We don't really sound like that..lol)

After weeks of planning, invitations were sent,  RSVPs returned and by Feb 19th, the day was upon us. For Decor, we went with a Valentine's day theme of red & black, hearts & candles and chocolate & Strawberries.  The wines (contributed by guests) for the night were sweet (and some not so sweet) whites and reds from various countries around the world.
Apart from the wine, we had food.
Apart form the food we had games and
Apart from the games, AND what highlighted the evening, we had KARAOKE.

I think I loved the Sake the most!
Apart from singing in the shower, never had I experienced karaoke, so I was ecstatic to know that we would have a machine for the night. The karaoke playlist contained pop songs from the early 80's to late 90's (Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Britney Spears..etc).
I was so shy in the beginning but it's amazing what a shot of sake can do to your confidence... (I'm just kidding here; the Alcohol content of sake is rather low).

There was also another first. We played a new game, similar to taboo, called Dirty Minds. Heads up...The dirtier your mind, the worse you'll be at the game (as some of our guests quickly discovered).

Lost My Voice Singing to Britney Spears...
Special thanks to all the guests... It's not a party without you guys (and gals)!!!
'Twas sooo much fun. Hope to make this an annual event.   ;-)

Enjoy The Pics!!!
And have a wonderful week!!

What's a Party Without Food!?

Ladies and Gentmen...

Fun and Games!

Planners At Work!!

PHOTOs Courtesy of PAOSIN.