It's EASTER!!!

It's Easter time and even though it's raining right  now, the few hours of sunshine and heat we had in the morning was enough to keep me up and running!!
I am thankful for the Life that was shed on the cross. I am thankful because Jesus paid the price for my sins. I'm in such a good mood I can't explain it ;-)

Well here is wishing you and your family a Happy Easter and wonderful week!!!

P.S. I Will be Rocking the 'Fro for a while... 
I love the look... Don't you?!



Puppy Fever part 2

I'm back with more of my Puppy Madness and the lingering question for the day is WHAT BREED SHOULD I GET?

After serious deliberation AND after watching "Men in Black" for the umpteenth time, it was a no brainer. I wanted a PUG.  Never have I been so fond of a peculiar breed. During one of my puppy research sessions I stumbled across an unsettling article about pugs though. The have major SHED factor and I didn't want hair all over my apartment, I decided to search for a different breed. I looked at terriers/yorkies, Pekingese, chihuahua, and a number of mixed breeds. Many of them were cute but their disposition (personality/character traits) would never match what I wanted in a dog.
There is a saying: Show me your dog and I will show you who you are. I believe this is so true and of all the articles I read about the pug, I know this is the dog for me. Besides, I know that if I chose any other dog breed I would always long for a pug and my relationship with the other dog would never be as strong.
A number of my friends say the pug is an ugly dog but I beg to differ. With such soulful eyes, moderate energy, and stubborn but eager to please personality, it is the cutest thing in the world.  Recently, I was talking to Mr. Beuax about wanting a dog a pug. I thought of every way I would open the conversation. I wanted to be as serious as possible but when it finally came down to it all my seriousness flew out the window of the car I was driving... 
"Babe, I want a Puppy!!!!!!!"
 This was followed with the "Ohh You have come again with this puppy thing"  but I was not deterred.
I proceeded to give every single puppy fact stored in my noggin and every single reason why I should have one. When  my spew came to an end, he said one thing:

"If you buy a dog, I will not clean it's poop"

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! *Insert Screeching brakes here*

Needless to say, My puppy search has been put on a brief pause...
When I figure out who will help wield the "pooper scooper" I will take it up again...But for now...
I will continue wishing and sighing at every puppy Pug I come across...
*Wishful Thinking*

Enjoy your Hump day Guys and Dolls!


UPDATE: I recently took an interest in Miniture Pinschers... they are a very small breed but much more stable than the chihuahua...
What do you think?!

If you are also thinking of getting a dog please visit your LOCAL animal shelter first. You will be doing yourself and the dog/pup a great service. Puppy farms can be quite a cruel place. 
Also consider mix breeds as they have fewer health problems!

Here is great site to start www.petfinder.com
You can definitely find  dogs of any kind.... puppies and adults!
It's also a lot cheaper. New puppies are $150-250 (with first set of shots) puppies at a store or from a breeder cost from ($550-1000) (THIEVERY!!!)


Puppy Fever Part 1..

As I type, a melodious song plays in my head:

I don't know what it is but I have come down with a fever....
I don't know what it is but I have come down with a fever...
I have Puppy Fever...
I have Puppy Fever...

Yes, I am typing this,
Yes, I am singing this,
I have puppy Fever!!!

Seriously, I would tell you that I have choreographed a little dance to this song but that would just make me seem all the more crazy; so I won't.  Right from childhood, I have always wanted a pet and I asked my parents on many separate occasions but, as an african child with african parents, the answer was always




"If you ask me one more time I will slap you!!"

To curb my want of a pet I resorted to secret pets. I had three.
The first was a squirrel, named fefe, who would always rap at our window to eat peanut butter crunch cereal (Don't ask me how it happened). That ended with a quick through of an expensive italian boot by my father.
The second, was a butterfly. I was in the second grade and all the students were given caterpillars for a science project.  I watched it grow and metamorph into a beautiful butterfly. We parted ways when I left it in a jar, by the classroom weekend over a three day weekend.
My final attempt at Pet ownership was in the third grade. During recess one of my classmates thought it was a brilliant idea to dig up worms and store them in plastic juice bottles filled with dirt. Tomboy that I was, I commandeered the idea and became the pack leader. Of course I was the only girl  person in a pinafore digging up dirt with a spoon but who cares! I was about to have pet.  Long story short, my worm ownership ended with a sore behind. Mom found the bottle under my bed.. She BEAT....*rubs bottom*

Tyson Like Dog! lol
Fast forward +15 years and here I am today with a bad case of puppy fever. The closest I've been to owning a dog was through a my first roommate. she brought the pup, Tyson, home and he was the cutest thing. I was told he would not get much better but that dog would not stop growing. I was ok with his size at first but his constant barking and pooping and stinking was THE WORST. I hated him and threatened it on numerous occasions.  Almost a year later, my roommate brought another pup home. To this day I can't remember what breed he was but it was definitely part of the Toy group. I would sneak him out of the cage and play with him for hours... That's when I realized, it wasn't that I WAS NOT a dog person, it was that I WAS NOT a TYSON person.  I WAS A SMALL-DOG-NON-TYSON-PERSON!

Since then I have wanted a dog. Now that I figured that out it is time to decide what type of dog...

ALthough I have one in mind I'm curious to know...
what type of dog do you think I would get?!

Have a Blessed Hump day!!!


P.S. Taking a short break from the blog...check back next week for updates/posts! 



Family Living & Oh Brother!!

This week I wanted to write about family.
Twice, I opened my Mac ready to type up an anecdote, and twice I closed it in frustration. My fingers weren't working and my screen was blank. Over a glass of strawberrys and moscato (yum), I mulled over the situation. "What was the problem?"
"How am I going to introduce the family to you, the readers?"
As I neared the end of my glass it hit me. I just wasn't inspired. I need something to drop kick me into action, but what... The drop kick came in the form of an argument between my brother and I. I won't go into details about the argument though... lol

Soo.. This is where it begins.
Let me Introduce you to the first half of my family:

My MOM: 
Earlier in the day, I got a call from my mom berating me about my lack of care and concern. I call her every other day but the one time I skip a weekend... smh.
Anyway, I couldn't help but laugh because no matter how much I deny it... we are alike in so many ways...D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C.
Of course, my laughter was silenced with a quick "Michelle, this is not funny" and only after my profuse apology did we begin to chat as only "mothers and daughters" do... Throughout the time, there was a constant screaming in the background...

My Youngest Bro. TJ:
 At almost 2 years old, T.J. is the latest addition to my family. What a bundle of joy and energy T.J. is around the house. Not to mention he is quite the redecorator. T.J. is currently learning how to talk and as a bonus how to sing, so the screaming I mentioned on my mother's side of the phone was T.J. singing his heart out to "OLD MCDONALD". If your not familiar with the primary school song, it takes a call and answer format like this:

Leader: Old Mcdonald had a farm.
Everyone: EE II EE II O!!!
Leader: And on that farm he had a pig.
Everyone: EE II EE II O!!

If you get where I'm going with this you guessed right!.  T.J's rendition of the song consisted solely of the "EE II EE II O" . He's not even two yet, so naturally I thought it was the cutest thing in the world and cheered him on! Maybe next time I babysit I'll teach him the rest of the song.

Here is my immediate younger brother Daniel and the muse for this post. Daniel's interests include, music, Japanese culture and a host of other things. Daniel and I have an apartment together and today marks two months of our roommate-ship. After living on my own for 3 years, I must admit, I was very adamant about moving in with family again, for not so obvious reasons. I though of every excuse in the book.
"There goes my freedom"
"I have to take care of him"
My Brother Daniel!!
The other part of my concern arose from flashbacks of when we were younger and ALWAYS at each other's throats. I needed my peace. After two months I have that and more. He is also a college student and our schedules are so differerent that hardly are we in the house at the same time. With an age difference of only two years, relating with one another isn't the most difficult thing in the world were actually pretty good at it.
This morning we had a argument and to keep things from escalating we went to seperate rooms. The silence was only for 10mins and as I gathered my things to leave for school we started talking about other things...like groceries and what to eat for dinner (Jolof rice and plantain). He even complimented me on my chicken cooking skills. We just have this understanding that we will agree to disagree. Both our opinions matter so eventually we find a way to compromise.  Maturity is awesome!

Final thoughts:
Apart from Daniel forgetting to lower the shower head in the morning (He is Tall and I am short, so do the math), and me not being able to walk around the house in my skivvies, living with my brother really isn't bad at all. And if he is reading this right now...HI ROOMY!!!

Don't let the picture fool you...I have heels on!

Have a great weekend Guys!!




It's Your Birthday (April Ed.)!!

Welcome to April (Although I'm a few days late)... Just taking the time to wish a few special peeps Happy Birthday!!!

Claude M. (4/2)

Vice President,  DJ,
hmm....What can I say about this guy....Too Much...lol!

Gabrielle S. (4/2)
My LS, Gorgeous and Fierce. She is Glam...No Doubt!

Mariatu S. (4/12)

Towson!! (What will I say when you graduate?!)
Idk what it is but you just have to love her!
Awesome personality and great dancer!


Nkem O.

My Junior and roommater from senior secondary school (Highschool)
Omg, the memories we have....K.I.C

Oyinda A. (4/16)

My Friend, LS and One Heck of An Ace.

Love ya......Skee-Wee!!

To everyone not on this post, 


Have a blessed and Safe Month!

I do not own any of the pictures published on this post.