A Girl and Her Umbrella

Hope you all had great weekend,  I went for the churches annual cookout and also to see HP8 i.e Harry Potter...

Anyway, its another monday and here I am blogging...at work. The weather is awesome, the sun is shining bright and not a drop of rain to dampen my spirits or my jeans.  I was all of 15mins late today (thank goodness I work in an understanding lab).  But why was I late? Well, I could NOT find my Umbrella. 

Hmm... Yes I know it's not raining and it doesn't look like it will be raining at all this week but I refused to leave the house without it. After scouring my room for about 10mins I found the missing item in the kitchen. What it was doing there, I have no idea but at least I had it.  I raced to the car, turned the ignition and remembered that I had forgot to bring my sun glasses. Another roundtrip stairway sprint and finally I was off.

Uber protected!
Ok. I guess I should explain why I needed my umbrella. Not to mince words but I am in a ongoing battle with the sun... Experience has taught me that when I spend the summer in baltimore, my sun tan leans toward the extreme. Looking back at photos from "Bmore Summer 2008" I was pretty much burnt to a crisp.. MY fine cocoa skin looked more like the under- side of an african cooking pot... All I saw in my pics were teeth and eyes...lol.
This year my battle with the sun has been one of sheer intensity. I never leave the house without sunscreen, an umbrella, my glasses and the occasional cardigan...
Walking through campus, I get funny looks but in my head I say "HAHA your laughing now... but wait till your peeling from sunburn... then I will have the last laugh *Insert evil laugh here*.

Ok I know it sounds dark (pun intended), but hey... I can't help it... besides...
Excess sun exposure also leads to skin aging.. and I plan on remaining a Cocoa skin cutie for the next +78yrs so why not *Smile*

 Anyway.... Have a Beautiful, Sunny but protected week guys!!!
Where is the sun?!


Photos by: Kiesha Lewter :-)


Under the weather w/ Beautiful weather

After an awesome weekend,  Monday decided to grace us with more beautiful weather. It's not to hot, not to sunny... Just perfect. Unfortuantely, apart from quick errand running I can't go out and enjoy it... Teddy is a lil under the weather.
He snuck out of his cage yesterday when I went to church and decided to have a secret feast on whatever he could find "O ti je e je  ku je " and not to go into details but today he has a tummy upset...
I can't blame him though...He's just a baby... 

He will be going on a bland diet for the next day or two to clear his system.. "Unseasoned, overcooked Chicken and rice"

Well, Here is another one of our videos..



Post No.50: Meet Teddy!!!

Soo, Last week I glanced at my post count and realized that I had finally approached my "half way to 100" mark i.e Post no. 50. (P.S 50 is an awesome number) (SkeeWee).
I was seriously wondering what I would post to mark the special occasion... It so happens that we have also reached the halfway mark of the year i.e. that awkward time between the month of june and july.
I'm rambling now so...lets move on...

SOO... I was wondering what I would blog about... my braces, my apartment, my love for semi-dark humor?!
those all seem like fine options but...NO... they just wouldn't do.

Yesterday I was perusing the web and I stumbled across an advert (I won't tell you what website)... I have to tell you, my body was shaking when I saw the number, grabbed my phone, dialed, texted and emailed the advertiser. After talking with the guy for about 2-3 mins he made me realize that for this deal to go down... time was of the essence. It really was, because my whole day had already been planned and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to fit this in... I drove for 1.5hrs down 295, got to my destination and "fell head over heels" in love with him....
At this juncture I would like to ask:

"Are you on the edge of your seat?"

If you are not... then maybe you should return to top of this post and READ IT AGAIN... only this time try to read it in 30secs, add Bass to the voice in your head and hold your breath...

If you are on the edge of your seat, let me introduce you to... the newest member of my household...

Teddy "Lagbaja" Sanchez

Isn't He Cute?!

Camera Shy... *Rolls eyes*

That is right folks... My Blog posts were not in vain and my puppy fever has now been satiated... He is an absolute cuddle bug...though sometimes he is very shy...
AND!!! He is a March baby too... March 17th, 2011 to be exact. Thats how you know it was meant to be...

Cuddle bug
The name on his certificate is Teddy Sanchez and because I couldn't really think of another name for him His middle name is now "Lagbaja" which means -Nobody (or no name) in particular.
Will post a video soonest :-)

I am gladly taking gifts in Cash and Kind for his naming ceremony!

Have a great Weekend Readers and Bloggers of the World..I have to take Lagbaja for a walk !!