Rape... The Story in ABSU

Hello readers,
Today I'm writing this post in a very disturbed state of mind. Trying to gather my thoughts I wonder where I should begin.

After a relaxed weekend, Monday began with its usual hum drum routine of classes. After my second lecture of the day I came across a very peculiar tweet (Obviously, I should not be tweeting in class but I digress...)
To Paraphrase the tweet:  "I'm not going to say what I have in mind about the  ABSU rape cus its the truth but many will hate me for saying it..."

Ok..Well that's not exactly paraphrasing but I'll just get to my point.
So, I came across this tweet and I wanted to know what exactly he was talking about. This is another instance where Google, and the possession of an android phone come together to make magic and I was reading article in less than 5.83secs.
For little more than a week, a video had gone viral on the Abia State University (ABSU) campus, Nigeria. What was it about? It was footage of a five-man Gang-rape of a female student. I think one of the saddest aspects of the video is the fact that it lasted more than a full hour (I believe somewhere along the lines of 1.15hrs....).  Many Nigerian web/Blog sites have covered the story via text and video and many of them are laced with comments  thoughts supporting both sides of the fence that did little more than amaze me.

Anyway, I usually do not like to report on hearsay but I was able to find a distorted segment of the video. I really could not believe my ears. It was not quite what I expected it to be. I really expected blood curdling screams and outright resistance but here was a girl that sounded almost like nothing was going on. The emotion was not in her volume but in the words and tone she delivered them. The victim was begging for them to stop, asking what her offenses were etc. What I  heard in her voice was sad sound of defeat. Still worse, the boys only laughed and continued in their brutality.

Being the psychology enthusiast that I am.. I have a number of questions concerning this event?

1. Why rape?
I am more than sure these sorry excuse for... I am more than sure these "boys" and "I use the term loosely) have sisters, cousins, aunts of their own and would have jumped at the opportunity to punish the person who even thought of raping anyone close to them. My question is why..?

2. What was she doing in that room in the first place?
It looked as if the sun was shining and if it was, how were they able to get her there in broad daylight?  was she invited? Was it her room?

3. What did the act achieve?
A sense of pride? Accomplishment? Was it a demonstration of dominance?
Dogs hump to exercise their sexual instinct and pin (hold to the ground) to show dominance. If dogs are animals, what are the excuses of these so called male students?

4. Has the victim been treated both physically and mentally?
There are obvious physical risks and injuries eg STD/STIs, Internal injuries etc? has she been cared for in a proper hospital?
Such a traumatic event can have an everlasting and detremental effect on her mental health and well-being. Often times Rape victims go untreated and uncounseled for fear of unwanted ridicule from those around her. she is taught/conditioned not to speak of the event and act as if it never happened? This leads to depression, anxiety, paranoia, Post Traumatic Stress etc.

5. How on earth were they bold enough to record the event and broadcast it to the world?
 The video contains voices and names which were enough to identify the girl but so far no the boys. The university AND the Abia State Police force need to get it together and apprehend these delinquents.

6. What is being done to ensure the safety of the students and to find the culprits?!
What steps will the school take to prevent a recurrence?

There are more thoughts to this conundrum but to save time I will hold it for now...
Here are some helpful articles/sites:
Victim coping tactics


400 or Less....

Hey bloggers,
So my goal for tonight's today's post is to update you on the life and times of, well, ME!!!
The trick is for me to do it in less than 400 words and so far I have used *Counts words* (41)

Lets get to it then...
1. School has started! Yay, Nay! I am almost 4 weeks in to my final semester as an undergrad. Right now it's bitter-sweet I guess. I think the Highlight of it all is the fact that I'm taking another foreign language. Can you guess which one?! Nope not Spanish... It's Yoruba. Course 102 to be exact. It's been rather funny these past 3 weeks but I feel like I'm learning.  Sound's like a future post, no?!  ;-)

2. Currently thinking about my future, and from the looks of my timeline, I will be a scholar for some time (lol). Getting a Doctorate will not be easy but I expect it will be loads of fun.

3. I have been searching for a creative writing class to take in the next 5 months. could be in the Maryland area or online so if any of you have an ideas pls let me know.

4. As of Wednesday I would have officially had my Braces for 6months... My, My teeth have moved miles... I was going to post a picture but unfortunately, My professional cleaning was postponed by a week...lol *Shrugs*

5.  My final thought for the day:
Summer is coming to a close and as I gradually put my lighter clothes away I get butterflies just thinking about some of the many things fall has to offer:
  • Starbucks Brings back their PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE: I remember when my parents never wanted us kids near a pumpkin because we did not celebrate Halloween..does this make me a naughty child?!
  • My fav. hoodies and jackets will rise from hibernation: I have a few layer remixes I'd like to try with them
  • 4. Lower Energy bill. Thankful for Budget Billing :-)
  • 5. And more than I can think of at the moment.

Anyway..I wonder how I did?! (359)

Have a Happy Hump day Bloggers!!! (365)
I did it...Whoop WHOOP!!! Okkk I should stop typing now... (376)
I wonder if anyone, besides myself took time to count them?
Ok...I'm Done! (390)

This is my 3am Blogger Look..all for you guys. :-*