Nigerian in America: Standpoint

Good morning fellow readers, bloggers, Nigerians, Americans, Human Beings.
It is the start of a beautiful week (amen) and there is a certain feeling in the air. Feels like the start of something bigger.

Ever since GEJ's ill Greed-based decision to remove Nigeria's fuel subsidy and fill his- and his minions & groupies- pockets, the world, at least for Nigerians, have been in an uproar. Though I am here in the USA- I am one of many who have the greater portion of my family, back home-Nigeria- I am more than a little upset. I am angry ENRAGED!!

These idiots on Aso Rock (Nigeria's equivalent of the White House) have no idea what they have started. They are running on the fumes of greed. Like a car (especially one with a V6 engine), fumes can take you but so far and eventually the engine gives. So what happens then?

In the days since January 1st, the cost of fuel has jumped from N65 to N140. What if I'm not in Nigeria? What if I don't have car? How does that effect me? The cost of fuel  has the biggest influence on the cost of living for Nigeria.
  1. In a matter of a day the cost of the same loaf of bread catapulted from N100 to N300. We have not even talked about the foods and needs.
  2. That $100/month you send home to relatives for food will be almost nothing to them.
  3. A number of friends and family who traveled to Nigeria for the holiday are- GUESS WHAT?!- Still in Nigeria because of strikes, protests and airlines that have no fuel.
Unfortunately this is just the beginning.

We are on the brink of a revolution and WE as Nigerians and Nigeria-lovers Must not back down.
Demands for change are ringing out, not just in Nigeria but around the world. Last week, protests were organized and held in Washington, D.C. by Nigerians- both students and professionals. In solidarity signs were made, media flocked and the streets of D.C. were walked in a stance against the government that use the Federal Republic of Nigeria as it's footstool. These protests are tagged #OCCUPYNIGERIA. So serious is the matter that the events were supported by the American sister protests of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET. A number of protests have been held in other parts of the USA as well as Nigeria and The United Kingdom.

This is more than a serious matter.

We won't stand for it any longer. We must be apart of the 99% that take back the reigns from the 1% that continue to mortgage our future in order to add useless cars to the fleet they never use, in the garages of houses they buy and never see.

I believe in world peace. I believe that blood-shed should not be the key for a better tomorrow. I believe all these things BUT enough IS ENOUGH. It is time for a better TODAY. It is time for The Youth of Nigeria to STAND UP. Don't take NO for an answer.
The youth of Egypt did it and so can we. Lives have already been lost.
Don't let the deaths of our brothers and Sisters be in vain.

Matthew 11:12 says
From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. (NIV)

From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. (ESV)

This is not an encourager for bloodshed but serves as a motto that we must be forceful POWERFUL in our presence, in our writing, in our OUTCRY for change. It means we must be steadfast. Never backing down until the demands of the people are met. If we must STAND do it forcefully. If we must WRITE do it forcefully. If we must RESIST do it forcefully.  If we are calm and peaceful and they do not listen what else is left but...

One of the many placards (Wash. D.C. protest) for change.


  1. Awesome! Awesome post this!!

  2. Well...well said. But we all know that wouldn't happen (at least for now).


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