Dusting off the Cobwebs...

Happy Thursday Friday Bloggers!!
Yes… I started this post on Thursday but due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to get past the first line. I blame the work week (of a job I kinda love), the school week (of which is kinda sucky) AND my sheer lack of energy *insert sad face*

Anyway, on to the post.

As per the title, I am dusting off the cobwebs… on my gym shoes!
After +2 years I, MikkiSoXTRA, am going back to the gym. YAY

I can see the eye rolls and hear the comments now…

“Mikki, what are you trying to lose…you are so skinny”
“Mikki…do you think your future husband will like this…see your collarbone”

It all started, last year, when I moved to my current apartment. I had just gotten the keys when it hit me. I am living on the third floor. No elevator, No stair lift. No shortcuts.  For the entire time I live here I will be walking up 3 flights of steps…Ok WAIT! I’m being dramatic.

I actually, I thought I could handle it.  2.5 stair sets? Piece of cake. After all, I’m an athlete.
After the first month it was decided that in the battle between me and the stairs... It was winning.
By the time I got to my door I was winded *insert huffing and puffing*

I wasn’t fat; just a bit out of shape. L

I never really struggled with my weight.  I have always been small, albeit broad shouldered and muscular. I ran track from middle school to high school (Serious track). I was the sports prefect for goodness sakes. And I was always conscientious of what and how much I ate…That was until my senior year.
As many Nigerians know, When senior year or SS3 arrives it doesn’t come alone. This is the time where we are bombarded with exams; GCE, WAEC, NECO and JAMB (if you’re so unfortunate). To prepare, I found myself reading at all hours of the night and to stay awake, I ATE…EVERYTHING. Cake, cookies, garri etc. I think my favorite study treat was Digestive Biscuits with Schweppes. Yum!
Anyway… By graduation I tipped the scale at a whopping 135lbs which is a lot for me. After graduation came that long period before travel, admission and blah blah blah. To pass the time I ATE, slept, cooked, slept and watched TV. There wasn’t much to do in my household. By January my weigh-in reported 145lbs. I felt like crap!!
I was tired of being tired, so I put my running shoes on and hit the gravel. I stopped eating junk, and jogged every morning in the G.R.A. [estate].  Two months later, I was back in the U.S.A. where I hit the gym religiously... By august, weigh-in was 126lbs; my original high school weight *insert happy face*
My heart and mind was healthy…
Fast forward to today, I fluctuate between 126-130lbs. My weight still isn’t the problem. I just feel it is time to put my old lazy habits to rest. I love my body... but I would love it EVEN MORE toned up a few more notches. Plus I need to get heart healthy. After all, it IS HEART AWARENESS MONTH!!

 I have already found a local gym that fits my schedule and wallet. As additional motivation, I went out and bought my first really cute (Black & Neon green) workout clothes… No more sloppy t-shirts and sweats for me.
I'll start slow and work my way up... will post updates very soon

Who says you can’t sweat and look Fabulous!

Its Super Bowl weekend guys!! Have Fun, Be Merry and Don’t Drive Drunk…

It's sooo cute right?..too bad my camera couldn't really get the green!. *Shrug*

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