So lately I have been a bit more personal with my blog and I thought... Let's keep the ball rolling. 

Last night, as a I sat catching up on a few of my fav. blogs, another photo caught my eye. Twas nothing spectacular... just a picture of a Nigerian school yard. The school looked nothing like the boarding school I attended  but I still found myself drifting... call it a flashback, if you will...

*Lights dimmed and everything goes hazy*... I'm back in my blue skirt, white shirt and red tie... My socks are bright white, Probably still damp cause they did not dry properly.  I'm content and I look good ;-)
It's my 2nd year in Nigeria, and I am now a senior, SS1... *My BEST YEAR EVER... 

Lol.. anyway.  It was a  long day and I was relaxing in my THEN closest friend *Bex' room. She was a Muslim girl in a christian private school and often times I thought of the Starburst commercials. Anyway, I digress... we were in the middle of another one of our story swaps. I can't even remember if it was a story I was telling her but at the end she just shook her head... "Mehn.....Mikki.. you are too exposed" she was laughing as she said this but my face looked like this -> (-__-)

"What does that mean?"

I'm not fluent in broken English but her response was somewhere along the lines of "Ah..mikki...true talk o, you no know say you too over expose?"  

My response -> (0_o)

To her understanding I knew too much. The things I knew were inappropriate for my age and probably my gender. Here I was at 15(?)  talking about any and everything. I remember one day I was discussing sex and culture, Female circumcision to be precise and I noticed her strange expression. The look was borderline sympathetic and far from amused and I think our friendship began it's slow dissolve from that point. 

Anyway..now that I think about it, I laugh too...
Is over exposure really a bad thing? 

I could understand if it's something like exposure to physical, verbal and substance abuse but my case is far different. I learned to read at 3 (toot toot), found creative outlet in writing and read encyclopedias for fun. 

Confession moment #1: In elementary school, I'm the girl who would, purposely, get in trouble at lunch time so I could serve detention in the library during recess.  I took the slogan 'Reading is FUNdamental' way too seriously. 

I wonder...what's wrong with knowing a little bit about everything?  Is there knowledge that I, as a young Nigerian/American woman should never discover?

Personally, I think it's awesome...  I'm like a walking reference book... I think it's ConFaamed *Igbo accent* when someone refers to you as 'Ms. Google' at their wedding reception...lol. 
Anyway, I'd like to consider myself an enrichment to the lives of those around me...
It's something that I just can not help. From the onset I have always wanted to know the W5H1 of life and its many mysteries and I fulfill that need by reading, learning and sharing said information.
That's probably why I am a Scientist and not a practitioner. 

Well...I will leave it here in order not to ramble...

It's 12:45am and I am currently eating:

Ice creams delicious lower calorie brother...


Would love to hear from you... Leave comments and sugggestions below... What's inspiring you?!