Politically, Where do I start...

I was definitely NOT planning to blog for the rest of the week (school work beckons me), but low and behold, HERE I AM.

I was in the middle of my morning tea and online news surfing when I came across this:

TIME Magazine has published their list of 100 most influential people of 2012. Scrolling through the list I see names that I know e.g. Jeremy Lin, Rihanna, Hillary Clinton etc. names that I don't know, mostly foreign and one that makes me laugh i.e. Anonymous.

It's halfway through that things get..well, kind of interesting.

Now this is just a list but the names are hyperlinked to the details as to why this person was chosen...and I still don't understand how...

I just cannot say much after this but here is a preview:

"exemplifies the A*** political renaissance at a time when the people of the continent are starting to reap the fruit of their resources and their hard work."

"...the same ability to find the remedies to the many complexities of running a nascent democracy. He has spearheaded the fight against corruption and turned ****  into an example of good governance"
Now who do you think they are talking about... President Obama?


Maybe this last line will give you a clue:

"With leaders like President Jonathan, Africa is sure to move toward prosperity, freedom and dignity for all of its people"


I wish I were fabricating this but it's too late for April fools so...
don't believe me yet... Click the names for proof.

 I will let my fellow Nigerians take it from here...
1, 2, 3...GO!!

p.s. Will fix typos later :-)


  1. Finally We can go back home to our country :) - lol


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