Trickled Memories: San Juan Day 3 pt 1

Ok..Guys.. so I know I loafed on posting these pictures but hey...better late than never right... Let's keep it short and let the captions tell the story. Although, I DO have a lot to say!

What my Hotel Looked like... 

The pools...


Anxiously awaiting..

Last minute touch-ups to my day plan.

Who else is more Cool Calm and Collected ;-)

Maybe me.... naw!

A day in Old San Juan..

Traffic!!...All 2mins of it.

I love the Colors of this city

It says go left...

....But I am right!

Taking a breather...

...Then back to work

Photo Opp!!!

Special shots from the Cathedral... some of them were a little too spooky for me.

This is Beautiful...

What ever you do, You MUST eat a St. Germaine Bistro! The food and drinks here are all natural, HANDMADE  fresh everyday and just delicious! I don't think I have had anything better.
Pesto Chicken sandwich with Chickpea Salad

Loads more pictures..remember..this is a slow trickled process...



  1. This looked like so much fun and very relaxing! The colors of the city is amazing. You look fab as always! Can't wait to see more pictures.

    1. Thanks Ladies :-)
      Hopefully soon!

  2. LMAO to "Back to work" on Ayo's picture....


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